Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy 83rd Birthday Mom!!

This picture was taken in December of 1966, in Big Trees National Park, CA.  I was 8 years old, my brother was 14 and my sister 10.  The pretty lady holding the leash to our dog Red is my beautiful Mother Virginia.  In this picture my mom was 40 years old, younger than I am now.

Today my mom celebrated her 83rd birthday.  My mom has suffered several strokes so she is partially paralyzed on her right side, but she is still able to do most things for herself.  My mom is beautiful, smart and funny.  My mom loves to read and she loves to watch old movies, cooking shows and game shows on television.

Prior to my dad's death in July of 2003, my mom was very ill, most of that attributed to my dad's ill health, he had Parkinson's disease and drug induced dementia/sundowners.  My dad kept us busy taking care of him, his ill health, mostly the dementia caused a lot of stress on my mom, since he depended on her for so much, and in reality, she was not able to care for him.  After my dad's death my mom's health improved and for thelast 6 years she has been basically healthy.  She doesn't care to get out of the house, and mostly just goes out for dr. appts and occasionally to go take flowers to the cemetary to my dad and my grandmothers.

My mom was always a homemaker, when we got home from school she was here waiting for us, she cared for 4 children and my paternal grandmother, not to mention my dad.  She was a wonderful mother, very loving, very attentive to her children.  She raised all her children the same, treated us as fairly as life permitted, showed us all the same amount of love.  My mom played baseball in the street with us when we were short one person, she rollerskated with us, rode bikes, hula hooped, she loved spending time with her kids.

All this brings me to today.  Today was my mother's 83rd birthday.  Her birthday, like everyone else's, is on the same day every year.. it always has been.  Today, like last year and probably the year before, neither my brother nor my sister showed up to wish my mom a Happy Birthday.  My sister called earlier today, for some reason other than it being my mom's birthday, she never told me to tell mom Happy Birthday, she never asked how mom was today.  Yesterday my sister was here for less than 5 minutes, she never told my mom Happy Birthday then.  I have the hardest time with this.  My brother is the same way.  I can't remember the last time he actually showed up on a holiday to see my mom.  Birthdays and Holidays are for family.  My mom is the MOTHER, the QUEEN of this family.  I feel they are being disrespectful and I hate it.  I think it bothers me more than it bothers my mom.

We had a good day for mom's birthday.  Mom, my boys and I were just home together, I fixed a nice dinner for us, we had a few presents for mom, her favorite candy bars and a can of cashews.  We gave her a little pointsettia plant and some leg warmers for the cold.. My mom couldn't of been more happy.  She is so easy to please, such a warm loving person and my brother and sister are sure missing out.

Just venting!!!


Amy B said...

I love to read about your family...can you adopt me..Love ya.
Happy Birthday to your mom

Liz (Loving Mom 2 Boys) said...

I am so sorry your siblings let you and your mother down like that - I know how hard that can be. Your mother sounds like an amazing woman - and it sounds like you all had a nice day together. And if you are going to adopt Amy B. you are going to have to adopt me as well...I can't let her have all the fun :)

maryellen1961 said...

It saddens me that your brother and sister don't recognize your mother on her birthday or holidays. She sounds terrific, however, no matter what she will always be their mother. I did not get along with my mother all the time but I did call for her birthday and holidays and I do miss her now that she's gone. I can only imagine the guilt they will feel when she is gone.