Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Meaning Behind the Madness

Seems like eveyone is blogging these days.  It's taken me forever to get this done.  Whenever I start a blog, it's like, "I don't know what to say", "what should I write about?"!!  So I finally decided to do it, to see what I would write about and who would come and read it.  I am basically an open book, I don't have any trouble talking to people, I'm honest about my life, where I have been and what I have done.  I have definately been around the block a few times so I'm sure I will find something to write about, something that will maybe interest, maybe educate a few people.  Please, if you are reading this, don't judge me too harshly, for I have only come to share and vent. 


Mishel said...

You're off to a great start! I'm the same way, I wonder if anyone will even bother to stop by, let alone leave a comment! Just remember it's what's on your heart! It's for you & your family. I personally believe it's a great "memory book" for your kids/grandkids! Enjoy blogging! I'm looking forward to stalking you. =)
Hugs & Prayers,
Sheli (@shelishawn)

Jenny said...

Ok, I'm writing this for the third time LOL. Somethings are slightly harder on an iPhone.
Lillie, I am so glad you have decided to start blogging, and ate sharing even more of yourself with us. You are such a caring and kind individual, it is inspirational. Thank you for all that you do and for blogging about one of my favorite people,YOU!
Much love,
Jenny a.k.a. @tattooed_lady