Sunday, January 17, 2010

Spirit Jump and Cards 4 Cancer

Wow, what a great response I received from the email I sent out.  I sent it to just about everyone on my email list and all my facebook friends.  I received wonderful replies from so many people, I wanted to share a couple of those because they mean so much to me.  A dear friend of mine also wrote two poems and sent them to me to include in the cards if I wish to.  So, to all of you who replied to my email, thank you very much, you have touched my heart with your kindness.  I am so happy that you choose to be part of Cards 4 Cancer and I can hardly wait until April 10, 2010, when all the cards will be delivered to our friends near and far who are battling cancer.  

So, here are some of the replies I received.... 


Of course I will donate! What I need to know is do I address these letter or simply jot down a letter to fit male/female child/adult? I'm proud of your efforts and look forward to seeing where the Lord leads you with this.
Me :)

Lillie – So GREAT to hear from you ! J YES !!! AVID students can help ! Our students would love to do this !. I will put the date on my calendar and begin this in March. Feel free to touch base with me then for a kind reminder J Thank you for thinking of us. Talk to you later, Lori

Lillie,as you know,I know the pain & loss of cancer all too well. I would be proud to help out. Do I buy a couple (to several) cards-such as "just because", "thinking of you", etc. And do I put them all in a manilla enelope and mail them to you ? I'll gladly pick up some cards.

Thank you for the opportunity & Bless you!
I'll do in honor of my Mom,Grandma,Grandpa,Aunts,

friends & family & my own personal reason.
Tonya Harrington-Barton 

What a great project.  Count me in.  I will have several for you.  I would also like to help deliver them.  Once the cards have been written, how do I get them to you.  I can think of several students who would also like to participate.  Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help out, as I have had several members of my family die from cancer.

I will be happy to provide the cards.  Thank you for asking me.

Nina Wyman
Integrated/ Life Science

Hi Lilllie,
You have asked the right person.  I lost my sister to cancer at the age of 52.  Also, my main hobby right now is making cards.  I would be happy to make some cards. Let me know where to send them and any other details I should know.

Okay, so here are the two poems that my friend Virginia wrote and sent to me to include in cards that she is sending. 

Someone Cares

When you are ill, people shy away
People look away
They try not to meet your gaze
Or say the word cancer

You can be alone in a crowd, except for that shadow…
I want to shine a light on that dark place 
Banish it for the moment
I hope to brighten your day
And help recharge your spirit
For the battle you are facing

If I could look you in the eyes
I would look into your soul
To show you that I care
To let you know you’re not alone
Someone cares

I am reaching you from far away
Touching your shoulder
Taking your hand
Putting my arms around you in a gentle embrace
Smiling at the vision of you feeling peaceful
Basking in Love and light
Not caring for the moment
If you win or lose this fight

Take a moment today
To choose happiness
To feel grateful
To know Love

I’m on your side
I pray you’ll win out
That cancer will fade
That peace and gratitude
Will remain with you

For that season you will know
You’re not alone
Someone Cares

© 2009 V. Curtis

I Am Your Champion

We’ve never met
I’m writing to you because you have cancer
I know that you are scared, that you feel weak
You may be determined, or resigned
I don’t claim to understand how you feel
But I do claim to care

If you feel lonely, someone is there
On your side
Wishing you peace and light
And strength for the fight
Someone is praying for your miracle
As you wage your daily battles
I am rooting you on
Your courage is an inspiration to me

I’m wishing you rest for today
Strength to fight again tomorrow
Whether we win or lose the fight
We are together in spirit
You are my hero
I am your champion

© 2009 V.Curtis


Meaghan said...

This is amazing! Thank you so much for helping us lift the spirits of those battling cancer!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the poems Lillie! The response is inspiring! I didn't receive the email, but as I told you we will gladly send cards to you. :)

Anonymous said...

Lillie - this is wonderful!!! Thank you for sharing the replies - so wonderful to see people showing such compassion for folks who daily battle cancer. Kudos to you as well for all you do to help, Lille - you are such a good soul! Be well & stay solid! Lisa

Amy B said...

I would love to help..just tell me what and when and how..I will be honored to help.
I did not get the email..maybe you could re send if you had sent me one already?

maryellen said...

It brings tears to my eyes to know so many people are so caring. Cancer is a terrible battle and it is so important to them to get support from where ever they can. The poems were beautiful. Thanks for sharing them.

SandeeBianco said...

Lilli, Please let Virginia know how she touched my heart! The poems are absolutely beautiful and Virginia has a wonderful gift to share. I am battling an incurable cancer and the folks at spirit jump and other kind souls who dare to care, have blessed my life in so many ways. Thank you and God bless both of you!